Book Review: Built For Show

So I got this e-mail one day, The Weekly Dose from this website I tend to frequent, one they call T-Nation. I've read some entertaining ones before, but there was an article written by someone by the name of Nate Green.

The article, was actually an excerpt, called Built For Show that I later learned was from his new book, which like any consumerism whore, went out and bought promptly from, and used my Amazon Prime no less to get it 2 days later. (Im impatient and ground shipping is like asking a turtle to deliver something.)

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While I myself am not an advanced body builder / lifter by any means and haven't had much experience with the plethora of equipment, this book was a great read. Unlike typical beginners books that would make me want to hang myself by page three, this one kept me hooked to the end.

Built For Show is broken down into 3 key sections:

Part 1: Cutting through the B.S.

Consider this a wakeup call for your brain. Alot of the mis-information you've gotten from not-so educated personal trainers or from those gyms who just want your recurring membership to watch you train like a hampster (with more than a running wheel) has been debunked.

The truth on why Skinny Guys stay Skinny, Fat Guys stay Fat, and Skinny-Fat guys just exist.

Key things to note from this section are KFC Syndrome and BPSE.

Part 2: Building The Head-Turning Body

More detailed considerably, and gets you into the whole BFS mindset. Whats important for working out, how the BFS system works, detailed program information, detailed exercise information. Its been written so well, you may think you knew this information your entire life.

Seriously, even if your one of those hardcore home-gym guys, like I am, Nate has you covered. These aren't complex exercises with million dollar machines that promise you the world Were talking tools like:

  • You
  • The Floor
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Swiss Ball
  • Chin-Up / Dip Station (if you don't have a power cage that can be used for this)
  • Weight Bench
  • A sturdy box (preferably a crate it seems)

I don't know how much easier it could possibly get.

Part 3: Feeding, Clothing, and Showing Off The Body Youve Built

Lets face it, showing it off is what gives us that boost we all want. If you wondered how to do it, Nate gives some basic pointers in this segment of the book. Not sure how to feed yourself? Yeah, he got that covered to in some easy to understand pointers that almost every guy can understand.

Clothing? He may be no fashion expert, but again, basics to the point. Then if you want to dive deeper, he gives you the resources (books, sites, etc.) to do so.

So all-in-all, this book makes it simple, clear cut, and concise. Delivers you the goods in exactly the package you want it, and couldn't be any better. Though the book even offers a resources section you can access on his site to get more information post-book, worksheets and other snazzy things.

What I Got Out of This Book, Personally


I got quite a bit out of reading this book. First, it reminded me the purpose that I had balls for. It opened my eyes to potentially bad habits that could have caused problems with limitation of gains or cause injuries for years to come. Its made me rethink my dietary consumption. Its made me rethink my entire health strategy, because his information makes sense, is well presented, and I just feel it's the right way to go and in all honesty, could not have come at a better time for my life right now.

Im not going to downplay the fact that I do have some crazy ass medical issues that is impeding or screwing up alot of things. Though not doing anything about improving myself is no benefit either. I can either work toward something, or just sit there. (I don't prefer the latter).

Its also got me going out and buying some extra equipment. Considering right now I have an old-school bowflex that I use for my training, things like a Chin-Up / Dip station, Swiss Ball, and other items may not be bad investments. Though no doubt the Bowflex will be a major part of my program.

Just before the new year, I plan on doing the BFS challenge, and keep some strong ass records of progress, efforts, and everything else. What the hell, not like I have anything else to lose (except the fat). If I do end up going through with it, ill make a special section on the blog for that information.

Lastly, I plan on giving a copy or two to some folks who helped me start my training, to get them to rethink some strategies.

So now Go out and buy Built For Show Trust me. Its worth it. Here, to make it easy, I put an amazon banner right below, so go buy it. No Excuses!

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