"Step Into The Spotlight" 5-part Teleseries by Laurie Mandato

I want to introduce you to one of my Magic & Miracles Platinum clients, Laurie Mandato, of Imaging Joy. She has been experiencing amazing growth and opportunities in her business this year.

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The reason I wanted to tell you more about Laurie is that she is an image and style consultant for Spotlighters that's what I call those of us who have a mission in our business which includes getting in front of the spotlight to speak and be seen.

Its one thing to finally have crafted your message, you've got this great opportunity to speak in front of your most ideal amazing potential clientsyoure feeling great about what you are up and then you start thinking about what you're going to wear

All that powerful inner work you've done and outer marketing work.comes falling down as you wonder.what really looks good on mewhats appropriate for my audience and feels authentic? This is where Laurie comes in. She understands this journey and in fact has put together a 5 part Teleseries specially for you, as someone in the spotlight.

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