How To Make Your Card Mean Business

The business card is often forsaken as a good communication tool. In order to make it look nice, you need to invest money in at least 500 little pieces of cardboard. Bleh is it really necessary? YEAH! And here's why:

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  • Your business card is also a part of your branding because it's one of your communication tools. Every one of them should be on the same page.
  • It's the last thing you leave to a client and it MUST reflect your branding and personality
  • If it's crappy, the only thing your prospect can refer to is a bad piece of cardboard
  • You don't want to finish an important business discussion on a bad note by leaving a bad card
  • Leaving a great business card is a form of respect. You show your customers that you're ready to invest money to work with them.

Put your attention on:

1. Information

Don't try to put everything here.

First because a loaded card means that you don't have clarity about your business. Being able to skim the content means you really know who you are.

Second because too much information makes reading very difficult.

Many people confuse business cards with printed ads, and try to explain every single thing their business offers. Remember that if your prospect has one of your cards, it's because you gave it to him. You probably had a talk (well, I hope so!) where you described what you do. You don't have to do it again on your business card. The person already knows.

Think K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

- Name

- Title

- Email

- Phone number

- Website.

That's it!

2. Colors

Colors always dependof your business. If your services help people recovering of a cancer, maybe fuschia would be a bit over the top, you know

Dont be afraid of colors. Just try not to burn your prospect's eyes. If you want to put a bright yellow, try to balance with a dark grey. Everything is a question of balance and trends.

Always ask the opinion of a pro or a friend with great taste (watch out: taste is debatable).

3. Design

Same as the content, you should K.I.S.S. when it comes to your design. Less is better.

Don't put flowers or balloons just because you think it's prettier or funnier. Every single line should have a certain purpose. If it's not useful to your message, forget about it.

The designer might create you a card with weird shapes. If you want my advice, watch out! If it's really clever and it SERVES YOUR MESSAGE, consider it. If it doesn't, consider that a custom cutting pattern for your card means that you'll have to pay a bigger bill.

4. Materials

Did someone once give you a business card so thin it looked like a piece of paper? Everytime someone gives me that kind of card, my first thought is: "Gosh it's cheap. Will that person give me a great service or is the quality of her work as important as the quality of her business card?" I swear, this is really what I think.

A thicker card looks more professional because it's strong and it inspires confidence and power. Obviously, the thicker it is, the more it will cost you. But never sacrifice quality over low price. At best, make a compromise. Choose a 16 points paper instead of a 18 points, but don't choose 14 points and under. It's as flabby as Jell-O.

5. The finish

I love, love, LOVE the finish of a business card! I'm the kind of person that loves to touch things. Like in a clothing store, if the fabric isn't my type, I won't even get a look at the price.

The feeling of a business card is as important as the material. It's the final touch that really shows your special side and that you really care. You care about your own communication tools and therefore, you care about your clients and customers.

You can have a selective vernish, laminated finish or an emboss, just be creative!

Here are some tips to really rock your business card:

  • Define your budget at the very beginning. Depending on what you want and for what cost, the printing specialist will suggest you different options.
  • If you're not able to design your business card yourself, you SHOULD give the job to a graphic designer. Dont forget to include that in your budget! It might cost you $150 minimum.
  • Never forget to keep some cards on you. You never know when you can meet the perfect client!

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